Short Songs About Spielberg

by Intercontinental Music Lab

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A slight departure from our usual format as we strived to mix things UP by shortening them DOWN. All of these songs aspired to be 60 seconds long, some came about even shorter, some a tad longer. The format led to some really exciting compositions, and it would seem, a freer spirit than normal to be creative. The subject was chosen from a long list but seemed to be one that everyone could relate to. Thank you Spielberg for being our muse.


released September 17, 2012

Album artwork: Tim Donderevo, Album wrangler: Tim Donderevo, Album mastered by: Tim Donderevo




Intercontinental Music Lab Cambridge, UK

Since 2008, the Intercontinental Music Lab has produced eight albums. They’ve all been made in the same way. We came up with a concept or theme for an album, then asked people to choose subjects around that theme and compose some music. The theme for our first album was science. The theme for our latest album is Spielberg. Enjoy! ... more

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Track Name: Reese's Pieces
E.T's eating Reese's Pieces
He likes eating Reese's Pieces
Ooooh Reese's Pieces, I like eating Reese's Pieces
E.T's eating Reese's Pieces
He likes eating Reese's Pieces
Ooooh Reese's Pieces, I like eating Reese's Pieces
Track Name: My Friend Mola
Ram! Ram!
Taking your heart while it's ticking away like a
Bomb! Bomb!
Bloody and beating, the end of your life in his
Palm! Palm!
Mola Ram!
Mola! Mola!
Mola Ram!
Ram! Ram!
Smiling and laughing and looking alarmingly
No! Ahhhhhhhh!
My friend Mola
Wants your soul-a
Ram! Ram!
Ripping your heart out and mailing it off to your
Mola Ram!
Track Name: My First Move-e
My parent's marriage fell around '63
Mama stayed behind with my sisters, not me
Moved to California, just my pappy and me
A little too orthodox but you can change what you be
Kicked around and picked on life was no party
All I wanted was a friend just for me
But without all this I'd never have made E.T.
Track Name: Empire Of The Sun
I thought the white light was just oneís passing, not thousandsí
I thought that I could bring everyone back but I was dreaming
I thought Iíd jump for joy when I saw you but the boyís been carried away down the river
Track Name: Drop To The Top
Drop to the top of the best of the rest is what you've got
To declare to the world of yourself in '68
You cannot teach a boy to dream
You do not understand the screen
It's his scene, it's my scene

Kids in the hall hear the call of dropping out...
...side Easy Riders, Raging Bulls are waiting, get in on
Track Name: Little Bearded Devil
Cineastes, don't waste your time
I'm not here for scene stealing
It's just a little joyride
I don't need my socks
And I don't need my own shoes

I'm a little bearded devil
Riding on my back
I'm a little bearded devil on my back
With little dead eyes and a national flag
I'm a little bearded devil on my back
Track Name: Dear John
Dear John,
Thank you for all the hard effort you put into my Sugarland
I had so much fun with you
How about working your magic on my Jaws? Please?
I can't wiat to hear from you.
Fingers crossed.

Dear Steven,
I had so much fun with you too!
I'd love to do your Jaws.
I was hoping.
I have a couple of notes that will really grind away at you.
I've got a good feeling about us.
Track Name: The Endurance Of Synthesized Love
Programmed for emotion, devotion
Learning that love is pain and yearning
More than a Super Toy
Make me a real boy
Blue Fairy
I love you mommy
For ever
Track Name: Firelight
When I look up at night I see a great show.
Light falls down from the heaven's.
Track Name: Embryos!
I steal the dinosaur embyros Biosyn pays me to take
I Sabotage gate-locking systems and flee for the ship in the rain
But somehow my bullish conceit and poor eyesight disables my jeep
And Dilophosaurus he spits on my face and he send me sleep - I die
Track Name: Tootles
My name is Tootles a Lost Boy, an old man.
I lost my marbles; it was not part of the plan,
but now that Peter Banning came and put them
back into my hand I'm gonna
fly right back to Neverland.

Bah-dum boom, cha!
Track Name: When Every Day Is A Dog Day
Hit the gas, roll down the window, feel the breeze and drive hard
From Laurel Canyon all the way to Sunset Boulevard
When every day is a dog day
Just stick you head out of that window and say...
ow ow ow ow
Track Name: Jaws
You won't go in the sea
when you see my movie
It's full of chewed-up human body parts (and feckin' sharks)
I'm going to make my mark
with 3 robotic sharks
but it turns out they don't even look the part
...stupid sharks.
Track Name: I'm A Mann
Dirty old, smoky old truck
Leaving me coughing in your smoggy wake
I pass you, you pass me, I pass you, you honk me!
What's with you?
I gave you the road why don't you take it?

Oh I'm right back in the jungle again
You won't let me slip out of this confrontation
You only want to play on the road
But you can't beat me on the grade
I may have foolishly declined a new radiator hose
But I'll take you
I'll trick you
I'm a Mann
Track Name: Join The Boy Scouts
Sing a song
Make a movie
Its what its all about
when you join the boy scouts

Summer's here
and school is out
Come on and join the boy scouts
Track Name: Bright Lights Bright Lights
Ooo, with Mogwai comes a great responsibility
(Don't feed those badasses after midnite - they're crazy!)
They've multiplied, they've multiplied
(You better watch out, man!)
Ooo, this town is increasingly chaotic
Since the Gremlins hatched from the 'pupal-stage'
Bright Lights, Bright Lights
Track Name: Life's A Spielberg Movie
Dawson dreams of romance
But he don't rush to make plans
Life's a Spielberg movie
It's a screenply to him
He can't avoid the sorrow
Will Joey love him tommorrow?
Track Name: A Quest
Jones, Its high time that I join you on a quest!
"Is there anyone here who speaks English? Or maybe even Ancient Greek?"
"Water? No thank you, sir, fish make love in it."
"No thank you, ma'am, I'm a vegetarian."
Track Name: Light Of Steve
Light of God
Light of Steve
Either way
I believe in you
Track Name: BONUS TRACK: 1958 Photography Merit Badge
Spielberg wanted to be an Eagle Scout
There weren't that many Eagle Scouts about in '58
so he head out, so he head out
Shooting a film with a stagecoach for a set
and ketchup for F.X.
Directing his friend
to a grizzly grinning end
Eagle Scout ascend